Larry is looking for a job
the caterpillar that cannot turn into a butterfly

Larry is a Caterpillar that cannot turn into a butterfly.
He cannot fly, he can only do light work like sweeping, cleaning and sorting.
However, nobody knows that Larry is an artist.
During his weekends, Larry sells some art pieces bitten from leaves in the market.
As the days go by, the works of art made of leaves become withered and yellow easily.
Larry meets three new friends who help overcome the difficulties together.
Larry’s business and studio grow bigger and bigger,
But an even greater obstacle appears.
When Larry is forced to stop business, it turns into another opportunity.
Finally, with the support of friends, Larry finds his place in the woodland.

Author and Illustrator : Li Yu Ting

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尺寸大小約:21 X 21 cm。NT.300